Project Description

Project Brief

Katie came to Nene Design, as many other business owners did in the past. She needed a website asap for the newly opened business. They had attempted building the site themselves and quickly realized they needed help.
Katie and her team are specialists in their own areas but did not have the time to research, write, and review the writing and images for the site. We set during the initial consultation, and the team had the chance to explain the business. From what we gathered from the group and additional research, we deliver the site with all the images and copy created by us.

Conceptual Design Samples

Brand Concept

The concept for images, colors, and typography aimed to illustrate the principles of wellness, peace, healing, tranquility, and self-awareness.

Next Steps

AZ Theta Wellness also offers supplements and beauty products. The 2nd part of the website to be added is the products section.

Additional Services

Additional services offered in addition to the website design were portrait photography for the team, product photography for pages, original and stock photography, social media set-up, and management.